The Food and Cooking of Pakistan: Traditional Dishes From The Home Kitchen

Husain, Shezhad
Lorenz Books
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"Pakistan is proud of its culinary heritage and the regional dishes that are increasingly popular around the world. Classics include delectable biryanis – a must at every wedding banquet – nehari, haleem, kebabs, gol gappay, qormas, kunnas, tikas… to name just a few. Whether cooked over the glowing coals of a barbecue, in the belly of a tandoor or in a kadahi, Pakistani dishes evoke the essence of the country, with a heady combination of spices. This collection of more than 85 recipes by the expert Shehzad Husain covers everything from street food to desserts and drinks, all shown step by step and with a photograph of each finished dish - 450 color pictures in total!"